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Welcome to The Earn from the Internet Site

Site Update 30th August 2019: A lot has changed on the internet since I started this site way back in late 2000. The 'Get Paid to' era was thriving and all sorts of different money making sites were on the scene. However, the industry has very much taken a nosedive since those days, lots of scams and pyramid schemes have popped up in their place and Bitcoin seems to be the latest buzz as an online payment processor. Bitcoin reminds me a little bit of E-Gold that used to be around a few years ago. Does anybody remember them? They just went bump in the night never to be seen again!

When the 'Get Paid to' era took off all those years ago, at first it was all about Paid to Surf sites, but they quickly came and went and were replaced by hundreds of Paid Email and Paid to Click sites. (In fact there was so many around back in the day that I used to split my spare time between updating this site and helping out over at getpaidtobeonline.net.) Now most of these have died off too, and those that remain have found payment processors, especially the likes of Paypal, no longer willing to work with these kind of sites. Which in turn makes it hard for us to withdraw our earnings to a trustworthy payment source.

The one earner that does seem to have stayed constant over the years, if not taken off more in popularity is Paid Surveys. Paid Survey sites are also easier to withdraw your money from, because most will either pay you directly into you bank account, via Paypal or even via Gift Cards.

And so with all the above in mind, the site has to change! I did think about closing the site down, but it's been around so long I'm not quite ready to shut the doors for good, especially as I can still let you know about Paid Surveys! So I am going to be doing a overhaul of the site over the next few months and be taking a lot of pages and programs down that are no longer around or relevant. I may even just change to a simple blog format, so you may find that the site is nowhere near as wide ranging as it used to be, (as there is not much around to review) but I will still be able to keep you updated with all the Paid Survey sites we come across, and anything else that we think you might be interested in such as cashback shopping sites, traffic exchanges etc.

We hope that those of you that have been visiting us for years will continue to do so, and for those of you that are new to the site we hope you will find something of interest that will help you earn from the internet!

Take a look at some of the updated paid survey sites below.

If you would like to get in touch with us for any reason then you can still do so via our. Contact Form

Check out some of the latest Paid Survey Programs:

Sorted by availability via country

Availability Program Brief Details

Your Surveys Router Get paid for your efforts through your favourite rewards platform. Once you fill out your information Your Surveys will find the best surveys for you.

Swagbucks Is open to residents from the various countries. You can earn by shopping, making searches, taking paid surveys, completing offers, playing games or watching videos. Payment is made via Paypal or Gift Certificates.


Palm Research
Is a paid survey network and offers daily surveys to complete. Just log into the site to see what surveys are available. Minimum payout is $10 via Paypal.

US Only
LifePoints - US LifePoints is an amalgamation of the old paid survey sites GlobaltestMarket and MySurvey, which were some of the best paid survey sites around!

US Only
YouGov Panel As a member of the YouGov panel you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards..

US Only
PineCone Research Join the PineCone Research Online Consumer Panel and help to influence tomorrow's products today!

UK Only
LifePoints - UK Earn points for every survey you complete at. Points can be exchanged for cash or gift certificates.

UK Only
YouGov Paid survey program that offers points to complete surveys which are exchanged for cash. Minimum payout is £50 via Cheque.

UK Only
Pure Profile Take surveys and participate in polls. Minimum payout is £20 via Bank Deposit.

UK Only
Ipsos Panel - UK Be heard and get rewarded! Share your opinion and earn rewards!

Canada Only
Survey Alert Get a chance to Earn Cash Today! Earn up to $10 per survey by completing paid online surveys with SurveyAlert Canada.

Canada Only
Opinion Outpost Opinion Outpost provides the opportunity to earn cash by participating in online surveys. Join for free today and treat yourself to a wide variety of reward options.

Australia Only
Toluna Opinions Toluna offers you rewards for testing products for free and sharing your opinions with paid surveys and polls.

Australia Only
Opinion Bureau Join the Opinion Bureau and start getting paid and rewarded for your opinions. Their goal is to enable consumers to voice their opinion and directly influence market research.

New Zealand Only
Opinion World Voice your opinions and earn rewards for free by taking surveys online!

New Zealand Only
Toluna Opinions You have the power to influence some of the world's largest brands, share your insights, and be rewarded.
The Best Traffic Exchange

What's on the site & ways to earn online!

Now don't get us wrong, your not going to end up a millionaire, or 'get rich quick', because these aren't the kind of programs we list here on The Earn from the Internet Site. But you will certainly find something on the site where you can earn, or even win, a little extra spending money - and we all know any extra cash from time to time is always handy!

There are many various ways around to earn a little extra cash online - and have a little fun whilst your at it! You can get paid to read email (which is by far our biggest section!), take surveys, write reviews, surf, make searches, visit websites, click on banners or links, sign up for offers, play games and even chat.

There are also sites that allow you to surf for free website traffic if you have your own site/affiliate opportunity etc, that may need some extra promotion or hits. You can even earn some cash by affiliating with advertisers looking for people to sell their product or opportunity.

We also have a section which aims to give you some ideas of where to find advice if your looking to work from home and/or freelance. We offer some simple tips and hopefully, useful links.

For those of you not familiar with the world of making a little extra cash via the internet, below we have compiled a short overview which gives a bit more of an insight as to how it all works. So please take the time to have a look around. Our site is packed with reviews and information of the various programs you can earn and get paid from. Remember the site is an ever growing resource, so be sure to check back on us from time to time, besides we really would like to see you again!!

And so if your new to all this, here's a brief overview as to how it all works....

Yep, you can actually get paid from companies for doing various things on the internet, such as read email, surf, take surveys, write reviews and so on. This site by no means represents the many companies out there, only a selection. I know........ so you're asking what's the deal, why on earth do these companies want to pay us? Well simply put, advertisers are increasingly using the internet to market their products/services and the companies share the money they make with their members.

How much you make will depend on how hard you push it, this is not a 'get rich quick' thing, you have to be persistent. The more people that you refer to these sites and the more regular that you use their services, the more you make.

All companies will have different specifications, like with the paid to surf programs you are more than likely required to download software to enable you to see the ads that they are going to pay you to view. Paid to Read Email programs will send you lots of emails so having extra email accounts is essential. Check out the FAQ sections of the different sites if you have any queries. Most companies also have a minimum payment amount which you have to reach before they will send you a payment. The odd one or two companies however may pay monthly regardless of what amount you have earned, again check out the site in question for details.

Most companies are US based, but not all, we list programs from the UK, Europe, Australia among others. Many though, will only make payments in US dollars, there are many online payment services around these days, click on the link below to see them, and most will also pay via cheque. Cheques are easily exchangeable at the bank, some banks may make a small charge, others won't. Click here to see some of the Online Payment Options!!

A brief rundown on some of our Current Favourite Sites:

Here is our selection of what we consider to be some of the better earning programs currently around; For all the latest news and programs visit our Blog!

Bidvertiser is a get paid per click program. If you have a website or blog, you can display ads. When people come to your site and click on one of these ads you will get paid. You earn varying amounts per click, but the good thing about this program, unlike say Google Adsense where their minimum payout is $100, Bidvertiser offer a minimum payout of only $10. With more and more people running their own website's and blog's, these kind of programs really are a good source for earning a little extra cash.

GlobalTestMarket is an online paid survey site. We get a good handful of surveys every week. They offer points for completing surveys but these points are exchangeable for cash.

AdPaid has been our favourite paid email program for some time now. We're sure many of you have seen the hundreds of this type of program around on the internet. But this one, in our opinion is by far one of the best. Has a $3 minimum payout threshold which is very easy to reach, with or without a downline.

And a Couple of Points to Remember:

1. Don't expect to get rich quick.... life isn't that easy, and it just doesn't happen!

2. You have nothing to lose but time.... and besides it really can be fun, especially paid survey and games sites!

3. If a program sounds to good to be true, it usually is, so avoid them!

4. Always check out the programs' Terms of Service and Frequently Asked Questions, you will find most of the answers here to what a program is offering and how they will pay you.

5. If your planning to work from home, don't rely on it as a main source of income. Mix it up with other online activities. Check out our Homeworking Section for other ideas.

6. Be careful what you spend your cash on.. e.g for upgraded memberships, make sure you are going to get a return on what you spend... that's if you really want to part with any cash in the first place!!

7. Finally, be persistent, don't give up after a week or two, like everything else the more time and effort you put in, the more rewards you will get out of it!

So go take a look around this site and see if there are any companies you might be interested in, we review every single site we list. Click on the link, sign up and make some money...... don't ya just love the internet - but most importantly don't take it too seriously and have fun!!

Please check out our General Info page if you would like a little further information, or if you would like to join our Mailing List. We do not believe in clogging up your inbox, so the Newsletter is sent only around once or twice per month or when there are any new program reviews we think you may be interested in!

Happy Surfing!!

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