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About Us – Get in Touch

Here is where you can find a little bit more about us. 


How we started.

We launched The Earn from the Internet Site in late 2000 as a way to share all the opportunities we found where you can earn a little extra cash online.  The site was launched on the, now defunct, free Yahoo Geocities platform at the end of 2000. In January 2003 we moved to paid hosting and officially became

What we Blog about.

All of the latest programs and opportunities we find.  We only review genuine and free to join sites.  This is where we will also let you know about any site updates or announcements.

The Earn from the Internet Site and and this associated Blog shows you ways of how to earn what we like to call, ‘pocket money’.  Just a little extra to pay maybe a phone/utility bill or as some extra spending money towards that banging new album you recently heard!

Making money online – the reality!

We won’t lie to you, you are not going to end up a millionaire overnight or any time soon for that matter.  But we will give you some ideas of how to earn a little extra cash!

Unless you have a big shiny popular website, or are a massively successful affiliate marketer who has been working on many different online avenues for years.  Then please don’t expect to make a full time income out of it, but money nonetheless you can earn.

Ways to earn.

One of  the most popular ways is getting paid to take surveys or give your opinion.  This is why you will find we review and write about more of these companies than any other.   This is a pretty simple concept where  you will sign up for a particular company or program and get paid to give your opinion.  They will then usually send you an email when they have a survey for you to take.  You follow the instructions and complete the survey and for this you will be credited either with a cash amount, a prize draw entry or maybe even points.  When you have collected a certain amount (depending on the site) they can be exchanged into cash or high street vouchers etc.

There are of course other ways which you can earn.  Getting paid to read email, visiting websites, signing up for offers to name but a few. Or for the more serious online entrepeneur there is also affiliate marketing.  This is where you sell the goods, services and/or products of stores and retailers.

Get in touch.

Please feel free to add your comments and opinions on any of our blog posts or pages.  You can also tweet us on our Twitter page or get in touch via our Contact Us.  We love to hear from you!

  2 Responses to “About Us – Get in Touch”

  1. Hi, me again after all those years gone by, although I guess it is likely this is being addressed to the new owner so you have no idea what I am on about…

    Just had a look at the UK only webpage.

    British Rewards is no more, now absorbed into WOW by the owner of both, Matt Lovett.

    So, no more “no minimum payout”, etc.

    HT Mail is no more.

    As befits the good old days, I could offer to debug the rest of the UK webpages if you want and write an email detailing what I find and suggestions if wanted.

    Some sort of mutually agreed barter in exchange would be nice, say a link to one of my sites or a referral link to a cashback site that you cannot be a member of, etc.

    Best of luck either way.


    • Hi, thanks for the heads up about HT Mail, didn’t realise it was finally defunct. Did realise that British Rewards had changed to WOW, but haven’t got round to updating yet.

      You can drop me an email through the Contact Us page if you spot anything else out of date/needs updating and I will gladly drop you a referral link for a program I am not a member. Just let me know.