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Aug 052015
MintVine is one of the more popular market research panels around, and this version is for US and Canadian residents.

They pay you to complete online market research surveys, polls and offers.   You can request a payout when you have earned at least 1000 points, which equates to $10.

Payments are made via Paypal, Dwolla (US Only) or you can choose from various gift certificates.  All options are available in your account area.

You can also earn by referring your friends. You can earn 15% of all your friends future earnings on all surveys & offers, you will also earn a 50 point bonus once they complete their first survey.

Get more info/join: Mintvine Panel US or go to the Mintvine Panel Canada
Jul 312015
The KnowItAll Panel will send you online surveys on a variety of topics, from toys and games, to education, to travel, to restaurants. And sometimes there are opportunities to participate in focus groups, webcam surveys, one-on-one interviews or other types of research.

In exchange for your time and opinions, you will earn points for each survey. You’ll receive up to 500 points for finishing surveys you qualify for. These points are accumulated and then automatically converted to digital gift codes that can be used like cash.

To give you lots of choices of where you can use your gift codes, the KnowItAll Panel use Tango Card ( With Tango Card, you can pick from stores or companies like: Starbucks,, iTunes, Facebook Credits, Toys R Us and many more.

Every time you accumulate 500 points, they will send you a $5 Tango Card gift code. Your gift code will be emailed to you automatically, so you never have to worry about requesting your rewards.

Open to US Residents only.

Get more info/join: KnowItAll Panel
Jul 222015
Join the Your Word Panel UK and connect, discover, and share your views on the brands you use each day.

By participating you can influence brands and earn rewards for your time. Your participation and feedback help shape the products and services of the future. Share your insight and views on a wide range of topics like brand quality, slogans, prices and more.

Survey rewards vary. Before you start a survey,  you will be told how much you can earn by completing it. You must fully complete the survey in order to earn the total amount of rewards offered.  Rewards are in the form of gift cards for top retailers and restaurants.  You can redeem for these in your member area.

Open to residents from the UK only.

Get more info/join: Your Word Panel
Jul 202015
The National Shopper Survey is an independent study aimed at informing Australian retailers and manufacturers about the way Australians shop.

Using a simple in home scanning device, the Aztec Panel will monitor what you buy which helps to ensure that Australian households are provided with what they want and need.   The Shopper Panel represents a “mini Australia” – a diverse cross-section of consumers from all over the country.

You will be provided with a simple to use barcode scanner and asked to scan the barcodes of your grocery items each time you come home with shopping.

You’ll also record other information about your shopping trips, like where you shopped, how much you paid, and how many/much you bought.

The scanner system connects to a power point (provided) and the data is automatically transmitted once a week using a mobile network or dial up silent transmission, at no cost to you.

In appreciation of your time, you will be rewarded with reward points every week which can be redeemed for a great range of gifts plus automatic entry into monthly, quarterly and yearly prize draws, where you can win presents, gift cards or cash, simply by regularly scanning your shopping.

Remember, this panel is only open to residents from Australia.

Get more info/join: Aztec Panel Australia
Jul 172015
Share your opinion with businesses about products, services and issues and get an opportunity to earn cash and prizes for taking surveys.

Consumer Opinion Panel is slightly different in that not only can you complete online surveys but also via US mail (usually about twice per month) depending on your interests.  Each survey will take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete.

The incentive you receive for your participation varies depending on the survey topic and length. Usually when a survey is sent to you through the US Mail, they will include $1-$5 for your participation. For online surveys they will let you know the reward in the email invitations.

They are currently looking for residents in the US only with the demographic of Males aged 18-54 and Females aged 18-24.

Get more info/join: Consumer Opinion Panel
Jul 162015
Win prizes and earn rewards by participating in surveys.  The Tellwut Panel also lets you create surveys if you would like to ask other members opinions on a topic.

Get 100 points just for signing up and up to 200 points for completing your profile.  Rewards for completing surveys are in the form of points which you can then exchange for Gift Cards (such as Walmart & Starbucks) or other prizes which will be listed in your member area.

The number of points you will be rewarded for participating in surveys varies on the survey in question.  You will also earn 25 points for every friend you refer.

You must be a resident of the US or Canada to join and be at least 18  years old.

Get more info/join: Tellwut Survey Panel
Jul 162015
MintVine is one of the world’s most popular market research communities, and this is the UK version of the panel.

They pay you cash for participating in online market research surveys.They will give you 200 points just for signing up (this equates to around £2). You can request a payout when you have earned at least 1000 points. Payments are made via Paypal or you can choose from various gift certificates. All options will be available in your account area.

You can also earn by referring your friends.  You can earn 15% of all your friends future earnings on all surveys & offers, you will also earn a 50 point bonus once they complete their first survey.

Get more info/join: Mintvine Panel UK
Jul 142015
Global Test Market are one of the most popular survey panels around and are a good solid paying  site. They reward you with varying amounts of marketpoints for participating in the surveys and polls, plus  you also have the opportunity to be entered into prize draws.

Points are of course exchangeable for cash. Pretty easy to reach the minimum of 1000 points if you take a few of the surveys every week. Of course the amount of surveys you receive may depend on your demographics and interests.  Make payments via Paypal, eVouchers or Gift Certificates.

GlobalTestMarket do offer other demographical variations of their program, which usually offer you the chance to receive and complete more surveys based on products and services in the country where you live. Just do a search on the blog.

This Australian version is open to, obviously, Australia Residents ONLY, who are 18 years and over.

Get more info/join: GlobalTestMarket Australia
Jul 122015
Become a member of the Harris Poll Online Survey Panel and you will earn rewards (usually points) for your opinions.Once you become a member, you will instantly receive a quick survey to enable you to earn your first points.Once you complete the initial survey, you will then start receiving invitations to participate in a variety of surveys.  Topics include: consumer, technical, political, etc.

For every survey you successfully complete, you will receive points called HIpoints, which you will be able to exchange for rewards – usually a variety of merchandise and gift certificates.  For each survey that you are directed to, but do not qualify for, you will be rewarded a HIstakes entry and 15 HIpoints. Also, with every survey you complete you have a chance to enter a $10,000 sweepstakes!

Open to residents from the US.  There is also a Canadian verison of this survey panel here.

Get more info/join: Harris Poll Online
Jul 112015
Free website traffic to your site!10K Hits is an autosurf traffic exchange, and they will give you 100 credits just for signing up.

Their surf ratio is 8:10 – in that you will earn 80% of the time earned for every site viewed. So if a site is viewed for 60 seconds you will earn 80% of 6 points (4.8 points).

On the basic free membership you can add up to 3 sites. Do offer a geo targetting option but this is for upgraded members only. Free members however can set the number of hits per hour, overall hit limit and how many seconds you would like your site to be viewed for.

Also offer a referral program where you can earn for referring new members – this is a 1 level referral program earning you 5% of points that your referrals earn.

Get more info/join: 10 KHits
Jul 092015
The IPSOS iSay Panel is one of the more active survey panels around.  IPSOS, like some of the more popular paid survey panels tends to be only open for specific periods throughout the year to new members, when they reach a a specific quota they will then temporarily close the program again, so don’t hang about if you do want to join.

Rewards are in the form of entries into prize draws and contents, gift certificates and vouchers.  Just check in your account area when you join to view the latest redemption options.

This is the Canadian version of this panel , which of course is only open to residents in Canada.  There are other country specific versions of this survey program, just do a search of the blog.

Get more info/join: IPSOS iSay Panel Canada
Jul 082015
Survey Rewards is a survey site that provides you with the best fitting surveys and helps you to complete more targeted surveys to your demographics and interests.

You will get paid in your preferred currency through your favorite rewards platform, details of which will be in your account area when you sign up.

You must be at least 18 years old or at least 13 years old with parental consent in order to participate.

Open to residents from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Get more info/join: Survey Rewardz
Jul 032015
Advertising in the visitor and mail exchangeeBesucher is based in Germany but is is open internationally. The unique thing about this traffic exchange is that you can geo target your sites to specific countries, we think this is the only auto surf traffic exchange we’ve come across that allows you to do this. You also have the option of choosing how many times per hour or day you want your site shown, again something that seems to be quite unique to eBesucher.

Offers 2 referral levels where you can earn at 8% & 5% respectively from your downline.  Has a mail exchange from which you can earn points and the other added benefit is that you can earn cold hard cash!  Minimum payout is 2 Euros which is payable via PayPal or bank account.  The exchange rate of points to cash varies, so check on site for the current exchange rate.  Gives you 100 visitor points and 10 mail points as a bonus for signing up.

Get more info/join: eBesucher
Jul 022015
ACOPDespite the unabbrieviated name,  American Consumer Opinion Panel is open to residents from the US, UK, Germany and Italy.

ACOP only tends to be open to new members throughout certain times of the year, so if you want to join, don’t hang about as the program might get temporarily closed again soon.

They send a good amount of paid surveys out asking for your opinion on a variety of subjects which will be worth varying amounts of points to complete. Points are exchangeable for cash or other rewards.

Every 100 Points is equivalent to the value of one dollar. You must have a 1000 point minimum balance to redeem your points for cash, or you also have the option to donate them to a charity or whatever other redemption methods are available on site at the time you wish to cash in your points.  If you live outside the US and you prefer a cheque instead of Paypal they will send one to you in your local currency.

Remember, is only currently open to residents from the US, UK, Germany and Italy.

Get more info/join: ACOP Research