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Apr 082017
"YouGovAs a member of the YouGov panel you will be part of a global survey community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards.

YouGov conducts polls on the Internet about politics, public affairs, products, brands and other topics of general interest.  YouGov polls are taken by people, from all over the region, who have agreed to share their thoughts on a wide variety of important issues. It is free to join for anyone age 16 and above.

Most YouGov surveys are short and should only take you about five to seven minutes to complete. A typical survey is only about 20 to 30 fairly short questions in total. Occasionally, there will be longer surveys or surveys with more complex questions. The longest surveys should not take more than 20 minutes to complete.

Payment Information:

The minimum threshold for redemption is 5000 YouGov points.  This is equivalent to $25.  Cash will be transferred into your PayPal account within 30 business days of the request being received.  Other rewards are available, such as gift cards.  These will be delivered to your postal address within 1 month of the request being received.

You must be at least 16 years of age to join and is open to residents of Australia only.

Get more info/join: YouGov Panel Australia
Aug 132015
My Opinions is one of Australia’s number 1 survey sites.  Earn points for every survey you take. You can then redeem your points for cash via Paypal, gift cards and vouchers. Every survey you complete also gives you an entry into a prize draw to win $100!

Earn between 10-400 points for every survey you take, you will be notified in the email invitation before you begin your survey how many points you will be rewarded with.  You can earn up to 500 points with the Instant Win game.

Is completely free to join and you can also register via your Facebook or Google accounts (optional), and you must be at least 18 years old to join and a resident of Australia.

Get more info/join: My Opinions
Jul 202015
The National Shopper Survey is an independent study aimed at informing Australian retailers and manufacturers about the way Australians shop.

Using a simple in home scanning device, the Aztec Panel will monitor what you buy which helps to ensure that Australian households are provided with what they want and need.   The Shopper Panel represents a “mini Australia” – a diverse cross-section of consumers from all over the country.

You will be provided with a simple to use barcode scanner and asked to scan the barcodes of your grocery items each time you come home with shopping.

You’ll also record other information about your shopping trips, like where you shopped, how much you paid, and how many/much you bought.

The scanner system connects to a power point (provided) and the data is automatically transmitted once a week using a mobile network or dial up silent transmission, at no cost to you.

In appreciation of your time, you will be rewarded with reward points every week which can be redeemed for a great range of gifts plus automatic entry into monthly, quarterly and yearly prize draws, where you can win presents, gift cards or cash, simply by regularly scanning your shopping.

Remember, this panel is only open to residents from Australia.

Get more info/join: Aztec Panel Australia
Jul 142015
Global Test Market are one of the most popular survey panels around and are a good solid paying  site. They reward you with varying amounts of marketpoints for participating in the surveys and polls, plus  you also have the opportunity to be entered into prize draws.

Points are of course exchangeable for cash. Pretty easy to reach the minimum of 1000 points if you take a few of the surveys every week. Of course the amount of surveys you receive may depend on your demographics and interests.  Make payments via Paypal, eVouchers or Gift Certificates.

GlobalTestMarket do offer other demographical variations of their program, which usually offer you the chance to receive and complete more surveys based on products and services in the country where you live. Just do a search on the blog.

This Australian version is open to, obviously, Australia Residents ONLY, who are 18 years and over.

Get more info/join: GlobalTestMarket Australia
Jul 082015
Survey Rewards is a survey site that provides you with the best fitting surveys and helps you to complete more targeted surveys to your demographics and interests.

You will get paid in your preferred currency through your favorite rewards platform, details of which will be in your account area when you sign up.

You must be at least 18 years old or at least 13 years old with parental consent in order to participate.

Open to residents from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Get more info/join: Survey Rewardz
Jul 022015
Univox Community gives you the opportunity to earn points for completing surveys and opinion polls.

Registration is free and you get a bonus of 500 points ($5) just for joining! You also get $1 for every friend or family member you refer to them.

Payments are in the form of Amazon Gift Certificates or Virtual Visa Card (Virtual Visa rewards are a reward incentive with universal Visa acceptance at merchants online).  Every survey you take or task you complete on site earns you reward points. Every 100 points you earn equates to $1. Once you earn 2500 points, you’ll be eligible for a $25 gift code.

This is the Australian version of Univox Community, for other country specific versions of this survey site please search the blog.

Get more info/join: Univox Community Australia
Jun 192015
Cashback Research is a free service that provides you with a means to be rewarded for giving opinions in online surveys.   The Survey Dashboard is the heart of the service and is given free to every member. It provides you with a means to easily login and find daily surveys to take, manage your earnings, ask questions and request payouts.

Cashback Research pays in two ways: Paypal and Gift Cards. Once you request a payout, claims  will usually be processed within two weeks.  Gift cards may take up to a month, since they are sent via post.

Be sure to log in daily to see what surveys are available.  Only open to residents from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Use one of the following links to join depending on your country
Jun 112015
Surveys4Moms gives you the opportunity to earn cash for your opinions via online surveys and opinion polls.

All rewards are cash based in US Dollar amounts. The amount of the reward for each survey (typically between $1-$5) will be stipulated in the email invitation and on the site. Once your account reaches the minimum redemption threshold, the site will allow you to pick your reward and redeem.

For PayPal payments, payments are processed on the 1st and 16th of each month except for weekends and holidays when payments are processed on the first business day immediately following. If you redeem for PayPal on the 1st – 15th of the month (eastern standard time), you will receive your payment on the 16th. If you redeem on the 16th – 31st of the month (eastern standard time) you will receive your payment on the 1st. Magazine Subscriptions and Facebook Credits are delivered immediately via email.

Minimum payments via country:

Magazine Subscriptions – $10 minimum redemption
150 Facebook Credits – $15 minimum redemption
PayPal Cash Payment – $20 minimum redemption

Canada, UK & Australia:
150 Facebook Credits – $15 minimum redemption
PayPal Cash Payment – $20 minimum redemption

You must be at least 13 years of age to join and be a resident of either the US, UK, Canada or Australia.

Get more info/join: Surveys4Moms
Jun 092015
This is the Australian version of the My Survey Panel.  There are other country specific versions of this opinion panel, just do a search on the blog to find the UK, US and other versions.

The My Survey panel offers you the opportunity to earn by giving your opinion on a variety of topics.  After signing up you can start earning points by completing online surveys via your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Cell Phone.

For completing surveys and polls you will be rewarded with varying amounts of points.  Points can then be exchanged for a huge variety of products, gift cards, e-certificates, vouchers and more! You can also choose to receive cash straight to your PayPal account.  Popular rewards are PayPal, Coles, Myers or JB Hi-Fi vouchers.

Open to residents from Australia only.

Get more info/join: My Survey Panel Australia
May 202015
Opinion World Australia offers you the chance to be rewarded with points for taking online surveys.

You’ll be able to redeem for cash via PayPal or from an extensive range of popular brand vouchers, including Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Cards.

You’ll be invited to participate in surveys via email or you can login and take an online survey from the member area in your account.

You will be able to give your views on familiar topics like consumer products, healthcare, education, lifestyle and much more.  Open to residents from Australia only.

Get more info/join: Opinion World Australia
May 142015
Survey Downline is another paid survey site that is open to residents from the US, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

The amount of reward for each survey is typically between $1-$5, this will depend on the length of the survey. Survey invitations will be sent to you through email, so be sure to use an up to date valid email address.

Payments are made via cash to your Paypal account or Facebook Credits and Magazine Subscriptions.

Current redemption levels are as follows:

Magazine Subscriptions – $10 minimum redemption
150 Facebook Credits – $15 minimum redemption
PayPal Cash Payment – $20 minimum redemption

Canada, UK & Australia:
150 Facebook Credits – $15 minimum redemption
PayPal Cash Payment – $20 minimum redemption

Get more info/join: Survey Downline
Jan 162014
Toluna is one of the most well known names in market research. They now also offer an Australian version of the survey site. Not only can you earn points for taking surveys and answering polls etc. but you can opt to get products sent to your home for free to test, and you could win up to $5000 in the monthly price draw.

For every survey you complete you earn points, which you can then redeem towards gift certificates or whatever else is available in the ‘Rewards Center’.

You must be 16 years of age and older.

Open to Australian Residents ONLY.

Get more info/join: Toluna Australia