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Jan 122014

Inbox Pounds
has just recently launched and is from the owners of Inbox Dollars, a US only Based paid survey/email/cashback site. Inbox Pounds is a site for UK residents only and they will give you £1 just for signing up.

They have a variety of different tasks available on site for you to participate in, including:

  • Paid Surveys and Topics – which pay around 40p each. You can take 2 Surveys daily – a sampling survey and an opinion survey.
  • Watching video adverts which pay around 1p to 3p each.
  • Making Searches – you can earn 1p for each two qualified searches, maximum 15p per day.
  • Complete Tasks – amounts varying depending on the task you are asked to complete. This could be for instance, looking up a site in search engines and noting its placing etc.
  • Cashback Offers – which pay varying amounts.
  • Paid email for which you are paid around 1p per email.
  • You can also refer friends for which you will earn 10% of any earnings they make.

You can request payout once you have earned £20 and payments are made via cheque. Keep active on the site on a daily basis and your earnings should mount up pretty quickly.

Your first cheque will be paid net 30, so you may have to wait 6-8 weeks, this is basically to make sure that you are going to stay active on the site – but after you have received your first cheque, payments will be sent weekly.

As a bonus, when you reach the minimum payout for the first time you are automatically upgraded to Gold Membership.

Visit/Join: Inbox Pounds

Update – Just some proof of payments from Inbox Pounds: