ACOP Research: Re-Open to new members!
Popular Paid Survey Panel - US, UK, Germany & France - Limited availability. Join NOW!
Jul 022015
ACOPDespite the unabbrieviated name,  American Consumer Opinion Panel is open to residents from the US, UK, Germany and Italy.

ACOP only tends to be open to new members throughout certain times of the year, so if you want to join, don’t hang about as the program might get temporarily closed again soon.

They send a good amount of paid surveys out asking for your opinion on a variety of subjects which will be worth varying amounts of points to complete. Points are exchangeable for cash or other rewards.

Every 100 Points is equivalent to the value of one dollar. You must have a 1000 point minimum balance to redeem your points for cash, or you also have the option to donate them to a charity or whatever other redemption methods are available on site at the time you wish to cash in your points.  If you live outside the US and you prefer a cheque instead of Paypal they will send one to you in your local currency.

Remember, is only currently open to residents from the US, UK, Germany and Italy.

Get more info/join: ACOP Research