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Oct 022021

Valued Opinions UK rewards you for answering surveys. You can redeem your earnings by way of rewards by way of gift cards from the likes of, John Lewis, M&S, Boots, and more!

As with all paid survey sites, you will be asked for some information about yourself when joining. This is to ensure they cover a good demographic of people for specific surveys. Every survey will be matched with the interests you put down in your profile.

You will see the reward offered for each survey in your email invitation or on the ‘Surveys’ tab of your account. Once you begin, you’ll be asked a series of short question. Simply answer each question in full to progress and complete the survey. Surveys usually pay between £0.25 and up to £5. To maxmize your chance of receiving more surveys, make sure your profile is up to date in your account.

You can redeem your earnings when you have reached around about the £10 mark.

You can also sign up via your Facebook account if you prefer.

To get more information or join visit Valued Opinions UK

Feb 072017
iSurvey World is a free service dedicated to help you earn money completing online surveys.

By joining the panel and providing your feedback on products and services, you will have the ability to shape future products and services. Once you register, your preferences will be matched to unique survey opportunities.

Take as many or as few surveys as you like and earn rewards for your input. Most surveys will take on average around 15-20 minutes to complete.  The more survey opportunities you participate in, the more rewards you earn. Will pay you cash for each survey you complete.  Send all payments via paypal.

Get more info/join: iSurvey World
Aug 142015
Apply to become a Asda Petrol Mystery Shopper, and if your application is successful you will receive £70 free to fill up at any petrol station.

You will be required to do a little mystery shopping at a local Asda petrol station and you will then be asked about your experience at the forecourt, which will be published on the Product Testing UK blog.

This is used to help work to improve customer experiences in the future. The £70 is then yours to keep!

You must be a resident of the UK and aged 18 years or more to participate.

Get more info/join: ASDA Mystery Shopper – UK
Aug 072015
This is the UK version of Opinion Outpost, there are other country specific versions of this survey panel available, just do a search on the blog.

Membership is always completely free and you are rewarded for participating in interesting research studies for major companies around the world.

Many surveys are rewarded with ‘Opinion Points’ that can be redeemed for cash via PayPal. The minimum balance required to make a redemption is only £2.50!  Each survey you participate in also earns you an entry into the £20,000 year long cash give away. Every quarter a winner will win £5,000, take multiple surveys and increase your chances of winning.

Open to residents from the UK only, and you must be at least 16 years of age to join.  You can also join via your Facebook account!

Get more info/join: Opinion Outpost UK
Jul 222015
Join the Your Word Panel UK and connect, discover, and share your views on the brands you use each day.

By participating you can influence brands and earn rewards for your time. Your participation and feedback help shape the products and services of the future. Share your insight and views on a wide range of topics like brand quality, slogans, prices and more.

Survey rewards vary. Before you start a survey,  you will be told how much you can earn by completing it. You must fully complete the survey in order to earn the total amount of rewards offered.  Rewards are in the form of gift cards for top retailers and restaurants.  You can redeem for these in your member area.

Open to residents from the UK only.

Get more info/join: Your Word Panel
Jul 162015
MintVine is one of the world’s most popular market research communities, and this is the UK version of the panel.

They pay you cash for participating in online market research surveys.They will give you 200 points just for signing up (this equates to around £2). You can request a payout when you have earned at least 1000 points. Payments are made via Paypal or you can choose from various gift certificates. All options will be available in your account area.

You can also earn by referring your friends.  You can earn 15% of all your friends future earnings on all surveys & offers, you will also earn a 50 point bonus once they complete their first survey.

Get more info/join: Mintvine Panel UK
Jul 082015
Survey Rewards is a survey site that provides you with the best fitting surveys and helps you to complete more targeted surveys to your demographics and interests.

You will get paid in your preferred currency through your favorite rewards platform, details of which will be in your account area when you sign up.

You must be at least 18 years old or at least 13 years old with parental consent in order to participate.

Open to residents from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Get more info/join: Survey Rewardz
Jul 022015
ACOPDespite the unabbrieviated name,  American Consumer Opinion Panel is open to residents from the US, UK, Germany and Italy.

ACOP only tends to be open to new members throughout certain times of the year, so if you want to join, don’t hang about as the program might get temporarily closed again soon.

They send a good amount of paid surveys out asking for your opinion on a variety of subjects which will be worth varying amounts of points to complete. Points are exchangeable for cash or other rewards.

Every 100 Points is equivalent to the value of one dollar. You must have a 1000 point minimum balance to redeem your points for cash, or you also have the option to donate them to a charity or whatever other redemption methods are available on site at the time you wish to cash in your points.  If you live outside the US and you prefer a cheque instead of Paypal they will send one to you in your local currency.

Remember, is only currently open to residents from the US, UK, Germany and Italy.

Get more info/join: ACOP Research
Jul 012015
By signing up to Shopper Thoughts you can earn Tesco Clubcard points for answering surveys.  Surveys will typically take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete.

The number of Points may vary, typically you will receive 100 Points for a 15 minute survey. The amount will be clearly stated before you start any survey.

There will be some short surveys where you will not be allocated points. You will be entered into a prize draw instead.  There will be a monthly draw for prizes ranging from £10 to £50 worth of points.

If you do not have a Tesco Clubcard, don’t worry, you can instead opt for the Shopper Thoughts incentive scheme where you can earn a gift certificate/shopping voucher instead.  When you reach 1,000 points this converts to a £10 shopping voucher to use at a number of top retailers.

Open to residents from the UK only and you must be aged at least 18 to join.

Get more info/join: Shopper Thoughts
Jun 302015
The IPSOS iSay Panel is probably one of the most active in the UK, they will send you a fair amount of surveys, and if you complete them regularly your earnings will build up pretty quickly.

IPSOS, like some of the more popular paid survey panels tends to be only open for specific periods throughout the year to new members, when they reach a a specific quota they will then temporarily close the program again, so don’t hang about if you do want to join.

Rewards are in the form of points which you can then exchange for either an eVoucher (for instance Amazon) or a High Street Gift Card (John Lewis, Argos etc.). They also offer a donate to charity option.  You can redeem for a £10 eVoucher or Gift Card when you have 1380 points.  Very quick to send your rewards when you request too!

Remember, this survey panel is open to residents from the UK, and they are currently looking for people aged 25+.

Get more info/join: IPSOS UK
Jun 192015
Cashback Research is a free service that provides you with a means to be rewarded for giving opinions in online surveys.   The Survey Dashboard is the heart of the service and is given free to every member. It provides you with a means to easily login and find daily surveys to take, manage your earnings, ask questions and request payouts.

Cashback Research pays in two ways: Paypal and Gift Cards. Once you request a payout, claims  will usually be processed within two weeks.  Gift cards may take up to a month, since they are sent via post.

Be sure to log in daily to see what surveys are available.  Only open to residents from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Use one of the following links to join depending on your country