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Jun 122015

LinkGrand has been around since 2007, and rewards you for clicking on links and visiting websites. Commonly known years ago as a ‘paid to click’ program. Not many of them around anymore but this one still seems to be.

For regular links that you click on and visit, you will earn $0.003, for every 10 links, this equals three cents ($0.03). 10-second timer links, you will earn $0.001 and for every 10 links, this equals one cent. Slow earner for sure unless you can get some referrals under your belt!

Referring other members to this paid to click program will earn you somewhere in the region of about 30% of whatever earnings they make. You can also earn by referring advertisers and earn 10% of their advertising purchases.

Remember, as with most paid to click sites like this one, you have to visit the site and log in to your member area.  It is not like a paid to read or paid survey program, where earning opportunities are sent to you via email.

Also offer a premium membership, but this is totally optional.  This offers more links and sites to visit that are not available to regular members and you will earn double cash on all premium links viewed.

Minimum payout is $5 via Paypal and is available worldwide.

To get more info or to join visit LinkGrand.

Editor’s Note added 2022: This is an old review but we have recently checked and the site is indeed still up and running. This is the kind of site that you will be waiting a long time to reach payout unless you visit the site daily and/or refer other members and start earning commisions. We point this out in our About Us page, under the ‘Making money online – the reality!’ sub heading. Please do check this page out for more info on earning online.