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May 172018

Twistrix Autosurf Traffic Exchange
Twistrix is an Autosurf Traffic Exchange and is completely free to join.  The system is based on minutes (exposure time) that you earn whilst surfing.

Being an autosurf program means that the surfbar is automated and you can just let it run.  As opposed to manual traffic exchanges where you have to click to view sites.

As well as getting hits to your websites via the surfbar, you also have the option to advertise banner ads, text ads and email ads.

For each website you add (there is a limit of 3 for free members) you can use the custom settings which are available in the members area.  These include hits per hour, geotargeting and traffic source.  The geotargeting is a great option, as this is something that is not always open to free members and usually requires you to upgrade your membership.

Also have a referral program where you can earn 10% of the traffic your referrals earn while surfing.

Main Features:
  • Targeted traffic via country
  • Option to specify hits per hour
  • Earn promotional points towards the weekly jackpot
  • 1 referral level at 10%
There are 2 upgraded membership options:

Gold Upgrade: 1:1.2 View Rate.
5000 Minutes each month added to your account.
25000 Banner Ad Impressions each month
25000 Text Ad Impressions each month
Add up to 100 and ads URLs
10% Residual Traffic from your downline
Unlock CPH allowing you to control how many hits to receive per hour.
Dramatically increase your exposure!

Platinum Upgrade: 1:1.2 View Rate.
10000 Minutes each month added to your account.
50000 Banner Ad Impressions each month
50000 Text Ad Impressions each month
Add unlimitedURLs, Banners and text ads
Unlock CPH allowing you to control how many hits to receive per hour.
50% Residual CASH commissions from your downline
Automatic and Instant Website Approvals
Dramatically increase your exposure!

Get more info/join: Twistrix
Nov 122017
HitLink Traffic ExchangeHitlink is a traffic exchange program that offers you the chance to earn website visitors to you websites or affiliate pages, in exchange for viewing other members pages.  You can also advertise banners and text links.

One thing that we always love on traffic exchanges is when they give you the option to target your traffic via country like this one does.  Although, we think an important feature, not all traffic exchanges do this, and some only offer it as part of a paid upgraded membership option.  Geotargeting allows you to get your ad seen only by those from a specific country.  They also have an option where you can choose how many credits your pages receive per hour, if you would like to spread your credits/hits out throughout the day.

Another feature is Activity Points – the more you participate on the site, the more points you earn.  Depending on how many points you’ve earned you could be in with a chance to win a share of the weekly jackpot where you can win credits, banner impressions, text ad impressions or even cash.   Activity Points can be earned by surfing, referring your friends and tokens (tokens can be earned by participating in various offers).  You will even get 100 points for logging into the site, which gives you an incentive to visit the site regularly.

Main features:
  • 6 second timer on the surfbar.
  • 0.5:1 ratio.
  • Geotargeting.
  • 2500 pages daily surfing cap.
  • Earn prizes such as: Credits, Impressions and Activity Points.
  • Offer 1 referral level at 10%.
  • Earn Activity Points.
Offer an optional upgraded membership option for a fee which includes even more features and free credits, impressions and more;
  • Premium Gold Membership
  • 1:1 Base Surf Ratio.
  • Reduced Surf timer.
  • 750 Monthly Hits.
  • 1000 Monthly Banner Imps.
  • 2000 Monthly Text Imps.
  • 1000 Weekly Initial Actitity Points.
  • 25% more Activity Points Bonus.
  • Earn 50% Cash Commissions on your Direct Referrals..
  • You earn commissions on Upgrades (residual) and regular purchases from the buy page.
  • Add more sites, banners, text ads and more.

HitLink is open to members internationally and has some great features that other traffic exchanges don’t, so well worth joining!

Get more info/join: HitLink
Jul 112015
Free website traffic to your site!10K Hits is an autosurf traffic exchange, and they will give you 100 credits just for signing up.

Their surf ratio is 8:10 – in that you will earn 80% of the time earned for every site viewed. So if a site is viewed for 60 seconds you will earn 80% of 6 points (4.8 points).

On the basic free membership you can add up to 3 sites. Do offer a geo targetting option but this is for upgraded members only. Free members however can set the number of hits per hour, overall hit limit and how many seconds you would like your site to be viewed for.

Also offer a referral program where you can earn for referring new members – this is a 1 level referral program earning you 5% of points that your referrals earn.

Get more info/join: 10 KHits
Jul 032015
Advertising in the visitor and mail exchangeeBesucher is based in Germany but is is open internationally. The unique thing about this traffic exchange is that you can geo target your sites to specific countries, we think this is the only auto surf traffic exchange we’ve come across that allows you to do this. You also have the option of choosing how many times per hour or day you want your site shown, again something that seems to be quite unique to eBesucher.

Offers 2 referral levels where you can earn at 8% & 5% respectively from your downline.  Has a mail exchange from which you can earn points and the other added benefit is that you can earn cold hard cash!  Minimum payout is 2 Euros which is payable via PayPal or bank account.  The exchange rate of points to cash varies, so check on site for the current exchange rate.  Gives you 100 visitor points and 10 mail points as a bonus for signing up.

Get more info/join: eBesucher
Jun 202015

Smiley Traffic is quite unique in that it offers both a manual traffic exchange and an auto surf exchange, as well as a paid to click section.

For free members the surf ratio is 5:4 and has a 15 second timer for the manual exchange and 20 second timer for the auto surfer.  You are allowed to add up to 3 sites and there is a maximum manual surf limit of 598.

Also gives you the opportunity to earn cash as you surf, you will earn $0.030 for every 100 pages that you view in the manual traffic exchange plus you have the opportunity to earn cash with the paid to click section and you will earn $0.15 per direct referral.

Offers a 5 level referal program at 5% on each level and as well as the $0.15 bonus per direct referral you will also receive 100 Manual Credits, 200 Auto Credits, 3000 Banner Impressions and 3000 Text Link impressions for every direct referral that becomes active.

As a free member minimum payout is $20, there is a lower payout threshold + additional bonuses for upgraded members, but this is completely optional.

Get more info/join: Smiley Traffic
Jun 052015
Traffic GTraffic G has been around for quite some time, it launched sometime in 2001 and is still going strong today.  You don’t have to have your own website or blog in order to take advantage of traffic exchanges, you can use them for promotion or affiliate pages too.

The SuperSurf Traffic Exchange Service allows you to visit members sites, and in return other members visit your site, each site you visit gains you one visitor back to your site.  A 1:1 exchange rate.  Traffic can be targeted by country or interests.

Traffic G also offer a start page exchange.  You can get traffic just by setting your start page with the url that is listed in your member area.  Then every time you open your browser window, you can view other members websites, which in turn gives you visitors back to your websites.

As well as the normal traffic exchange and start page exchange they in addition offer a Banner Exchange.  For every two banners you view (2:1), you earn one exchange credit.  This is a great tool for those website and blog owners who would like to promote their pages via images.

They also offer a referral program where you will get 10% of all the traffic generated by your referrals up to 5 levels deep.

There is an option to upgrade your membership if you so wish, details of which can be found in the upgrade section of your member area.  But remember that basic membership is totally free.

You can promote unlimited sites and they will give you 10 free visitor credits and 1000 banner impressions to get you started.  Traffic G is a great all round program for anyone looking for some extra free traffic and promotion and is a long standing and well established traffic exchange.

Get more info/join: Traffic G
May 222015
Webmaster Quest allows you to quickly and easily earn visitors to your websites, blogs or promotion pages.  You earn credits by viewing other members sites and in return credits can then be exchanged for visitors to your sites.  Webmaster Quest works on a 1:1 ratio of credits you earn to credits you can allocate to your own sites.

You can select from a range of targeting options when you add or modify sites in your member area.  Targeting allows you to show your site to members from a specific country or category.

Webmaster Quest is free to join, but you can if you so wish upgrade to premium membership.  Comparisions of the 2 memberships are listed below:

Free Members Receive Premium Members Benefits Include
1 Credit Per Site Viewed 1.5 Credits Per Site Viewed
1:1 Manual Traffic Exchange Earn Up To 3 Times More Traffic From Surfing
Promote Unlimited Sites 2000 Visitor Credits Each Month
Earn 10% Cash Commissions 50% Cash Commissions
20 Second Surf Timer 10 Second Surf Timer
5 Level Referral Program Random Referrals
Geo Target Traffic Bonus Member Rotator Traffic
Promote Banners Transfer Credits to Other Members
Promote Text Links Just $9.95 Per Month or Less
Keyword Target Traffic
Monthly Referral Contests
48 Hour Unique Hits
Full Traffic Statistics
Free to Join and Use
Get more info/join: Webmaster Quest
May 152015
The Most Popular Traffic ExchangeEasyHits4U is one of the biggest traffic exchanges around.  Traffic exchanges are a great way to get your site, blog or affiliate page seen, and you can do it for free too.  Just view other members sites and in return they will view yours.  You can also geo target your sites/ads via country.

EasyHits4U works on 2 ratios of surfing – You can either opt for 1:1, which means for every site viewed you earn one in return (you have to view sites for 20 seconds) or 2:1, where you view 2 sites and get one in return (you have to view sites for 15 seconds).

You also earn cash for active surfing (current rate stands at $0.30 for 1000 sites viewed), plus you get  $0.10 for every person you refer that surfs 100 or more sites! You can cash out your earnings when you have earned $3.  Payments are made via Paypal or Payza.

Have recently added a ‘My Offers’ Section where you can earn points by completing various tasks, watching videos or signing up for offers.  You can then use these points and exchange them for surfing credits, text/banner impressions.

All in all, this is one of the best traffic exchanges around today, so well worth a look.

Get more info/join: EasyHits4U