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How to Avoid Scams

Avoid Scams!

The internet can be a wonderful, exciting and informative resource. But we always have to be diligent with our online activities to avoid scams. None more so, than if you want to earn a little spending money online. Its a precarious business that invites unscrupulous sorts.

The very nature of some of the programs we list here on The Earn from the Internet Site, are always open to speculation. Can you really earn money? Is it really worth it? Isn’t it all just a big scam?

We’ve been dealing with online programs for a good few years now, and believe me there is money to be earned…. and there are a lot of genuine, honest sites out there. On the other hand there are some who are just out to make money for themselves, and really have no intention of paying members anything.

How do we avoid them? How do we know who they are? Well thats not an easy task sometimes. Over the years we have kind of got a grasp of what programs to avoid. But we like so many people, have had our fingers burnt in the past when a program you’ve earned money with has disappeared (along with your earnings).

A few tips:
  • If something sounds to good to be true then it usually is.

  • Avoid anything that has a minimum payout of over $50. (There are of course exceptions to this rule for example, Webmaster Affiliate Programs). We’re talking programs such as paid to read and paid to click type sites. Have you any idea how long it would take you to reach $50+ in certain programs? Well, believe me, without any referrals or downline, it would take an awfully long time. The site owners usually know that either;
    a) you will give up before you even get there or
    b) just not pay you when you do, because they never had any intention of doing so in the first place, why? Thats why they set the minimum payout so high in the first place!

  • Never, EVER, send money to a site who are offering some kind of paid work in return for a fee. Why on earth would they want money from you for YOU to do the work? Most scenarios like this are always scams… so avoid them!

  • Don’t ever rely on anything on the internet to pay your bills or otherwise. Take it as a bonus when you do earn something. We’ve heard people say so many times;, ” I was relying on x amount of pounds from blah blah to pay such and such, and I never got paid”. Firstly, it was there own probable naivety for relying on it in the first place, and secondly, you don’t REALLY KNOW the people you deal with online. Have you ever met them?

Just be careful and use your common sense. We, nor anybody else could ever give you a cast iron guarantee on any program out there. Here on The Earn from the Internet Site, we do try our very best to list only genuine programs. After all this is the internet, sites come and go all the time. What may seem like a good program now may be gone within the next couple of months and some may still be around and paying next year…. its a hard one to call sometimes.

Here’s a little check list to use to avoid scams when considering joining a program/site:

1. Check what the site is asking you to do to get paid.

2. Check what the minimum payment threshold is for you to get paid.

3. Check how they will pay you.

4. Check if they offer bonuses for referring other people.

5. Try and find out if the site has paid other members. Visit online forums or social media sites where other members may post comments about various programs.

6. You could also check the Whois register to find out who owns and operates the site.

7. If it sound’s to good to be true… they usually are so forget it, they are more often than not scams.

8. Take a moment to read the sites Terms and FAQ’s – find out what they’re about.

9. One thing that some people over look is the Privacy Policy – make sure the site/program has one so you know your personal information will be safe.

Our whole point….. use your common sense, you could use our check list above, and if you have additional queries email them. Find out what you need to know to make you feel somewhat comfortable in a program. And if everything seems ok , give it a whirl.

You have nothing to lose but time, which leads nicely on to my next point of never putting your money into anything and we mean anything, unless you are absolutely sure and certain you are going to get a return. You would in the real world right?

Good luck – Its a jungle out there! Just be sensible in your online activities – but play it right and there certainly is money to be earned from the internet!