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Affiliate Networks


What are Affiliate Networks?

Anyone who has ever been involved in affiliate marketing, will more than likely already be aware of what affiliate networks are. However, if you’re not, affiliate networks offer the opportunity for affiliates and publishers like you, to sell goods, products and services on behalf of online stores and advertisers.

In return for your making sales and referring leads you will earn a commission on each and every sale you make. The amount you make will vary greatly between advertisers.  It could be a set amount per lead/referral or a percentage of the amount of the order.

Affiliate marketing has always been a great favourite of ours for earning a little extra cash online. The principal is simple, and you have a far greater chance of earning more than you ever would with the likes of paid survey programs etc.

Affilliate Networks will more often than not, require you to have an up and running website or blog – well lets face it, advertisers want to know how and where you are going to be promoting them, wouldn’t you if it was your business!

A lot of advertisers will also have conditions of being a part of their program – some will not want you to promote their brand via PPC, others via social networking and so on.  So be respectful to their terms or you could get suspended or deleted from their program.

A small section of Affiliate Networks

There are a lot of affiliate networks out there, and some are country specific, as we’re based in the UK we obviously deal more with UK affiliate networks, but there are some international ones here to. This is just a small selection, to find more do a web search:

  • Panthera is a US based affiliate network that offers a good amount of advertisers. Offer a lot of paid survey and similar type programs that you can advertise on your website or blog.
  • Linkshare has a vast amount of advertisers and partners to affiliate with. The UK program of course has UK advertisers and partners targeted to your demographic.  Ditto for the US. Minimum payout depends on where you are from – See LinkShare US or for the UK version LinkShare UK.
  • Commision Junction offers a wide range of retailers, mostly for the USA but also for the UK and other countries.  Minimum payout is $50 or £25.
  • Affiliate Window is a UK based affiliate network which has some great UK retailers in its database. A lot of the big high street names so is a must for those wishing to advertise to a UK audience.  Minimum payout is £25 via Bank Transfer.
  • Affiliate Future is another UK based affiliate network. Lots of UK retailers to choose from and is open to international members.  Payments are made when you have reached £20 in commisions.

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