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Sep 092020
The Earn from the Internet Site - Site Update

A lot has changed on the internet since I started this site way back in late 2000. The ‘Get Paid to’ era was thriving and all sorts of different kinds of money making sites were on the scene. However, the industry has changed immensly since then and lots of sites and programs are no more.

Lots of scams, pyramid schemes etc. have popped up in their place and Bitcoin seems to be the latest buzz as an online payment processor. Bitcoin reminds me a little bit of E-Gold that used to be around a few years ago. Does anybody remember them? They just went bump in the night never to be seen again!

When the ‘Get Paid to’ era took off all those years ago, at first it was all about Paid to Surf sites. They quickly came and went and were replaced by hundreds of Paid Email and Paid to Click sites. (In fact there was so many around back in the day that I used to split my spare time between updating this site and helping out over at

Now most of these have died off too. Those that remain have found payment processors, especially the likes of Paypal, no longer willing to work with them. Which in turn makes it hard for us to withdraw our earnings to a trustworthy payment source.

One of the positives however, is that paid surveys do seem to have stayed constant over the years. In fact I’d say they’ve taken off in popularity. Paid Survey sites are also easier to withdraw your money from. Most will either pay you directly into you bank account, via Paypal or even via Gift Cards.

And so with all the above in mind, the site has to change! I did think about closing the site down, but it’s been around so long I’m not quite ready to shut the doors for good, especially as I can still let you know about Paid Surveys!

So I am going to be doing a overhaul of the site over the next few months. I’ll be taking a lot of pages and programs down that are no longer around or relevant. I may even just change the whole site to this simple blog format here. You may find that the site is nowhere near as wide ranging as it used to be, (as there is not as much around to review). But I will still be able to keep you updated with all the Paid Survey sites we come across, and anything else that we think you might be interested in such as cashback shopping sites, traffic exchanges etc.

We hope that those of you that have been visiting us for years will continue to do so. For those of you that are new to the site we hope you will find something of interest that will help you ‘earn from the internet’!