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May 172015
Toluna gives you the opportunity to test products for free and share your opinion.  It is one of the bigger survey/opinion sites currently available in the UK.

Toluna rewards you with points for completing various tasks on site and they will also give you 500 points just for joining.  When you have earned at least 60,000 points you may redeem your points for rewards, such as a payment into your Paypal account, vouchers to spend at shops, online retailers or Facebook Credits.  You will find all the reward options in the ‘Rewards Center’ in your member area.  As there is usually a good handful of surveys to take daily as well as polls and other tasks when you log in to your member area, you should find you will be able to make the minimum points threshold pretty quickly.

As Toluna has an active community of members, you can also add your own ‘poll’ or ‘topic’ to the site.  This is your chance to get other members feedback on things that you would like to discuss or get other members’ opinions.

This version of the Toluna program is open to UK residents only, please feel free to search the blog for Toluna programs in other countries.

Get more info/join: Toluna Opinions
May 162015
The GfK MediaView panel is your chance to share your thoughts on the things you watch on telly and listen to on the radio. There is a quick and easy survey available every day, plus you could also be invited to take part in additional surveys as and when they become available.

Like all paid survey programs you will be rewarded for participating in the surveys and polls.  You could win or earn prizes including cash, vouchers and high street gift certificates.

Open to UK residents only.

Get more info/join: GfK MediaView Panel
May 132015
My Survey UK was formerly Lightspeed. They offer Questionnaires and Surveys for you to complete and you are rewarded in pretty much the same way as before, in the form of points for which you can exchange for high street store vouchers or cash via Paypal.

You can claim a Paypal payment at only £3 (when you have enough points of course – this usually works out at approx 350 points) and to redeem your points against high street voucher is variable, depending on the voucher you want and the amount you want.

If you love taking surveys and you are a UK resident then this one is definetely worth adding to your paid survey portfolio. They currently seem to be sending us surveys on a daily basis, of course you will not fit the criteria for all of them, but if you are screened out of a survey then you will usually earn prize draw entries instead.

Get more info/join: My Survey UK
Mar 312014
This UK version of GlobalTestMarket offers pretty much everything the international version does, but surveys are targetted more to your demographics and interests. You earn points in exactly the same way as the main program and the average you can earn per survey is around 50 points. Even if you are not eligible to take a survey when you have completed the initial screening questions, you will probably be entered into a prize draw. Points are of course exchangeable for cash.

Important payout update: You can now request your earnings via PayPal, Gift Voucher, High Street Shopping Vouchers and loads more – 182 points is currently equal to a £5 Paypal payment or 174 will get you a £5 Voucher. However you still need to have a minimum of 1000 points to make a redemption.

Try and complete a survey every day and you will earn really quickly. We have been paid many times of this program – Remember this is the UK only version of GlobalTestMarket.

Get more info/join: Global Test Market UK
Mar 312014
PineCone Research is an online survey panel that rewards you for giving your opinion on services and products.  They sometimes have limitations to the type of people they would like as panelists.  They are currently looking for people from the UK between the ages of 18 and 34.

Reward amounts for completing surveys vary on the type of survey taken and the length needed to complete it.  A 20 minute survey will typically pay up to about £3.

You can claim your rewards in the form of a cash payment to your Paypal account or high street shopping vouchers – you can currently claim your earnings when you have reached a minimum amount in your account of £10.

Open to males and females from the UK between the ages of 18-34 only.

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Mar 022014
You Gov has been around for a good few years now. You will usually find various well known newspapers and other media sources commision You Gov to find out the views and opinions of the UK public.

You Gov is open to UK Residents and pays typically around 50 points (50p) per survey taken. Some surveys will also offer Prize Draws. You will always be notified of what the reward for taking a survey is before you start.

If you love taking paid surveys and you live in the UK then this is definitely one to add to your portfolio. They will send you an invitation via email when they have a survey for you to take, or you can just log into your account and see what surveys are available from there.

Recommended this one, you can redeem for payout when you have 5000 points, which is £50 paid via bank transfer, or if you prefer you can redeem your points for prize draw entries. Be sure to be completing your surveys regularly to get to that minimum payout quicker.

UK Residents ONLY.

Get more info/join: YouGov
Jan 122014

Inbox Pounds
has just recently launched and is from the owners of Inbox Dollars, a US only Based paid survey/email/cashback site. Inbox Pounds is a site for UK residents only and they will give you £1 just for signing up.

They have a variety of different tasks available on site for you to participate in, including:

  • Paid Surveys and Topics – which pay around 40p each. You can take 2 Surveys daily – a sampling survey and an opinion survey.
  • Watching video adverts which pay around 1p to 3p each.
  • Making Searches – you can earn 1p for each two qualified searches, maximum 15p per day.
  • Complete Tasks – amounts varying depending on the task you are asked to complete. This could be for instance, looking up a site in search engines and noting its placing etc.
  • Cashback Offers – which pay varying amounts.
  • Paid email for which you are paid around 1p per email.
  • You can also refer friends for which you will earn 10% of any earnings they make.

You can request payout once you have earned £20 and payments are made via cheque. Keep active on the site on a daily basis and your earnings should mount up pretty quickly.

Your first cheque will be paid net 30, so you may have to wait 6-8 weeks, this is basically to make sure that you are going to stay active on the site – but after you have received your first cheque, payments will be sent weekly.

As a bonus, when you reach the minimum payout for the first time you are automatically upgraded to Gold Membership.

Visit/Join: Inbox Pounds

Update – Just some proof of payments from Inbox Pounds:


Oct 312009

AdPaid has been around a good few year’s now, and in our opinion is probably one of the best paid to read programs around. It pays consistently and quickly – and doesn’t take you that long to reach the minimum payout, which is currently $3.

For fellow UK residents they are now offering daily paid surveys which pay around $0.80c each. Your earnings can really add up with completing the paid surveys daily, reading the paid email and using the paid to click sections.

AdPaid is of course open to most members worldwide – but definitely one to add to your Get Paid portfolio if you are from the UK.

Click here to visit/get more info/join >>>