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Mar 022014
You Gov has been around for a good few years now. You will usually find various well known newspapers and other media sources commision You Gov to find out the views and opinions of the UK public.

You Gov is open to UK Residents and pays typically around 50 points (50p) per survey taken. Some surveys will also offer Prize Draws. You will always be notified of what the reward for taking a survey is before you start.

If you love taking paid surveys and you live in the UK then this is definitely one to add to your portfolio. They will send you an invitation via email when they have a survey for you to take, or you can just log into your account and see what surveys are available from there.

Recommended this one, you can redeem for payout when you have 5000 points, which is £50 paid via bank transfer, or if you prefer you can redeem your points for prize draw entries. Be sure to be completing your surveys regularly to get to that minimum payout quicker.

UK Residents ONLY.

Get more info/join: YouGov