ACOP Research: Re-Open to new members!
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Mar 312014
This UK version of GlobalTestMarket offers pretty much everything the international version does, but surveys are targetted more to your demographics and interests. You earn points in exactly the same way as the main program and the average you can earn per survey is around 50 points. Even if you are not eligible to take a survey when you have completed the initial screening questions, you will probably be entered into a prize draw. Points are of course exchangeable for cash.

Important payout update: You can now request your earnings via PayPal, Gift Voucher, High Street Shopping Vouchers and loads more – 182 points is currently equal to a £5 Paypal payment or 174 will get you a £5 Voucher. However you still need to have a minimum of 1000 points to make a redemption.

Try and complete a survey every day and you will earn really quickly. We have been paid many times of this program – Remember this is the UK only version of GlobalTestMarket.

Get more info/join: Global Test Market UK