ACOP Research: Re-Open to new members!
Popular Paid Survey Panel - Are looking for residents from the US, UK, Germany and Italy - Limited availability. Join NOW!
Jul 222015
Join the Your Word Panel UK and connect, discover, and share your views on the brands you use each day.

By participating you can influence brands and earn rewards for your time. Your participation and feedback help shape the products and services of the future. Share your insight and views on a wide range of topics like brand quality, slogans, prices and more.

Survey rewards vary. Before you start a survey,  you will be told how much you can earn by completing it. You must fully complete the survey in order to earn the total amount of rewards offered.  Rewards are in the form of gift cards for top retailers and restaurants.  You can redeem for these in your member area.

Open to residents from the UK only.

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