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Work from Home Ideas

Work from Home and/or Freelance:

Working from home used to be quite a niche way to work a few years ago. However, with the recent Covid pandemic and a changing world, it’s become the norm for people to do their everday jobs in the comfort of their own home.

Given the above, some of the ideas on this page may seem a little dated, but still we think they could be useful to some!

As you will appreciate this site deals mainly with online programs, companies and opportunities. If you would like to work from home, and make a full time income from it, relying on the likes of paid survey, email/surf/click programs etc. probably isn’t a good idea. Think of these kind of opportunities as pocket money to put towards a treat, rather than a steady income.

Online Ideas: Think about whether you have something to offer…

Do you have a service you could offer such as Web Design, Banner Design etc. There are a lot of people out there willing to pay for help getting a website up and running, or graphics for one! Do you have goods or a service to sell? A couple of ideas may be;

  • Selling eBooks
  • Handmade Cards or Gifts

There are no rules set out in stone. We have so many people get in touch expecting us to just have a set list of money spinners to give them, it isn’t that easy. We all have different talents and interests.

We can’t say that any specific way will earn you a fortune and doing something else won’t. We are all individuals and we go about things differently. It’s all about how much time and effort you put in, and choosing something your visitors will be interested in and want to purchase! And of course, something you love or have an interest in – well what’s the point in doing something if you don’t!

Online Affiliations.

Affiliate with big retailers, shopping sites, casinos, search engines etc. In other words sell their products for them and earn commisions. This is an excellent way to make some cash. There are lots of Affiliate Networks out there, I’ve listed a very small selection on our Affiliate Networks page. Or just try doing a web search, there will be loads that pop up.

Online Auctions.

Online Auctions, such as eBay are also turning out to be a great source of income for many. Sell whatever your like. See what you have lying around the house in your garage, basement or loft you could put up for sale. You would be so suprised what people will buy that you think is useless (one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure as the saying goes). You could maybe find a wholesaler who would provide you goods in bulk cheaply which you can sell on at a profit.

Build a Website.

One thing that is probably highly important to maximise your online earning potential is to build a website. This will give you the opportunity to showcase and advertise your products or services and also give you the opportunity to earn a little advertising revenue.

There are many web hosting companies around these days. Make sure you shop around for the best deal. Once you’ve got your website up and running, your going to need visitors, to start you off take a look at our Traffic Exchange reviews.

Get Blogging.

Blogs are everywhere these days, but they still can be a good source of income. Blog about any topic your interested in and add Pay Per Click programs like Google Adsense to your blog to help you earn cash, or earn some ad revenue by placing banner or text ads on your site which you can find on Affiliate Networks.

Don’t forget you need an online payment processor.

If your going to start earning online, your going to need a way to receive your cash. And also for sending it as well. Way ahead of all the other online payment processors is PayPal. Safe, secure and extremely convenient. You can also accept Credit Card payments online. PayPal, do have different types of accounts. You just have to join up with the one that suits you best. There are other online payment processors around, do a web search to find more.

Offline Ideas:

Not everybody who works from home rely on online resources. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Typing or Secretarial Services
  • ProofReading
  • Writing
  • Designing
  • Mystery Shopping

A couple of points to bear in mind

1. Have a good work ethic! Don’t think your on an easy number when you work from home. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. From personal experience, 12 hour + days, working late and at weekends is usually part of the course. (depending that is on the amount of work you are willing to take on.)

2. Stay motivated! Don’t think you can work whenever you feel like it, you must be self disciplined, keep motivated and stick to a routine. No popping out shopping for a couple of hours in the afternoon whenever the feeling takes your fancy – you wouldn’t do it if you worked for an employer would you!! – Although granted, you are your own boss, so you can decide when and where you take time off. But remember you’ll be losing work and money if you don’t plan properly.

3. If your a homemaker or mum/dad don’t make the mistake if you have children or are intending to have children that working from home to look after them will be the perfect job for you. Children take up a lot of time and require a lot of attention. If your intending to make a serious go of homeworking this could be a big distraction and perhaps this isn’t the right work to do after all!!

4. NEVER pay or send money to anybody advertising that they will send you work for a fee, they will usually be a scam, so don’t be fooled.

5. Last but not least – be PERSISTENT, the rewards will come………….. eventually!!

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